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I arrived in the UK in 2010 from Brasil. The beginning was really tough for most immigrants. My first job was handing out flyers of a take away food shop on the street. Then I quickly progressed to an assembly line worker in a factory just on the outskirts of London. Since 2013 till today I am a driver. During all this time one thing stayed the same – escorts London. Like most of you can imagine and like those of you with similar experiences know, the life of an immigrant can be very difficult. No family, no friends, different culture and different language.

You work 12-14 hour shifts almost daily. You quickly realize you have to find an activity that helps you let the steam off. Fetish escorts became my hobby and my passion. It may sound crazy but with Cleopatra Escorts these girls become your friends.

You may ask ‘how come you pay friends’, well that’s their job so you have to respect that. I became deeply intrigued by the life of those girls, I need to emphasise that my passion for them was not just libido. I was interested in the psychological profile of those girls. This is one of the most ancient professions if not the most ancient and at the same time it is kind of stigmatized so few women do it. 

The life of a London escort

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So I have met over 200 girls during those years. As you may expect most of them came from different countries where the average income is lower than the average in London. I am not sure if that was the reason for them to come. In fact it wasn’t – the main reasons were two – London was a big city with a lot of people who have money to pay for these services but also a lot of people who needed an escort agency – high stress, loneliness and plain old variety.

The second reason was that it is much easier to do this job far away from home where friends and family just kind find out. Although the girls are very intelligent and good-hearted you just cannot escape the blame and the shame parents can get.

My first love was Dolly – blonde, busty and very kinky. She came from Russia when she was 25. Before she arrived for a new life she was a bartender and a hostess in high class restaurants and bars. You could tell she had the manner and talk of an elite woman. I could empathise with her, she told me she was making just 2 quid an hour and now she is doing 200 in a worst case scenario.

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Her cousin was the main force for her success in London. He had different businesses including restaurants and off-license liquor shops. Once he accumulated connections he started to promote girls. Dolly was one of them and even though they are relatives it was all kept professional. Dolly started attending business meetings with him initially acting as a business partner. But then things quickly gained traction and Dolly found her niche. 

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Dolly is a true bombshell. If you like to be dominated she is your girl, she has a strong presence and is very serious in her work. Once we played bad boss who was penalized by his secretary. I need to confess I have a kink for rimming and Dolly prides itself in providing it for you. She also loves 69, spanking and watersports (ws). If you would like to give her a call just say that Ricardo sends you and you will receive the best service ever.