1 hour150200
1.5 hours250300
2 hours300350
Extra hour150150
Dinner dateN/AN/A

Confident, Sensual, Playful
Clara explains; Success is a result of hardwork, dedication and resilience. No job promises to be easy. Furthermore, without dedication, talent and passion are useless. Resilience will be essential to overcome setbacks and challenges that are sure to manifest. 

Clara is a subscriber to the services of Addictive Escorts Agency, the elite London escorts agency and the only representative for the individual in the professional setting. Clara is a sensual and confident girl with and extremely adventurous personality. She is passionate in the escort profession. She is intelligent and an exceptional conversationalist. Her slim body and sultry skin are alluring and a charming. 

Clara offers numerous services at a cost. One hour of her company costing between 150 and 200 pounds. One and half hours cost between 250 and 300 pounds. Two hours cost between 300 and 350 pounds. Extra hours from the schedule cost a flat 150 pounds per hour. She does not offer dinner dates. She offers overnight experiences for 1100 pounds per session. 

Clara is an elite escort for Addictive Escorts Agency. Therefore, her services are on high demand. Thus, it is recommended that potential clients pre-book her services for convenience.