1 hour150200
1.5 hours250300
2 hours300350
Extra hour150150
Dinner dateN/A500

Sensual, Confident, Playful
Daisy States; The end justifies the means. It is a principle each human being is supposed to adopt to realize relevant and applicable adaptation in all spheres of life. It is an attitude and resembles pragmatism with focus on the outcome. 

Daisy is a member of the team at Addictive Escorts Agency, the best escort agency in London and the only representative of the services of Daisy in the professional context. Daisy is a confident, playful, youthful, freaky and sultry girl. She is intelligent with appreciable conversation skills. Her body reflects the sensuality in her stride, attracting even distant onlookers though her allure. 
She offers a wide range of services at different costs. A one-hour experience costs between 150 and 200 dollars. One and half hours cost between 250 and 300 dollars. Two hours cost between 300 and 350 dollars. Extra hours from the schedule cost a flat 150 dolls per hour. She does not offer overnight stay with the client.

Daisy is a top member of the team at Addictive Escort Agency. Her services are perennially on high demand. Therefore, customers should book her services in advance to facilitate proper and timely preparation.