1 hour150200
1.5 hours250300
2 hours300350
Extra hour150150
Dinner dateN/A550

Breathtaking, Passionate, Sensual

Josephine: “There is pride in integrity. The integrity of an individual is the dressing of the naked and thus, masks one’s personal challenges to earn respect among their peers and seniors.”

Josephine is contracted by the Addictive Escort Agency, an elite escort representative on professional terms and the best in the London escort industry. Josephine is an extremely beautiful girl with alluring sultriness. She has a vibrant personality and unmatched wit which facilitates her exceptional conversational skills. She is the ultimate confidant and a relaxed listener. She is adventurous thus guaranteeing fun for all her clients. 

Josephine offers numerous escort services at a cost. One hour of her company costing between 150 and 200 pounds. One and half hours cost between 250 and 300 pounds. Two hours cost between 300 and 350 pounds. Extra hours from the schedule cost a flat 150 pounds per hour. She offers dinner dates for 550 pounds. She offers overnight experiences for 1000 pounds flat rate.

Josephine is a classy escort and accounts for an integral membership of the Addictive Escort Agency team. She is constantly on demand throughout the year. Plans for booking her services are better arranged through pre-booking. Therefore, potential clients are advised to book her services in advance.