London Hotel Rooms Ranked from ‘Deluxe to Secret’

Reviews editor Sara Lomurro sat down with Travel + Leisure’s senior director of research Kate Krader to discuss the website’s annual Hotels of the World report. The rankings are based on over 1.6 million reviews from TripAdvisor’s website, with at least three years of data and are based on a variety of categories, including customer service, price, cleanliness, location, and amenities.

Travel + Leisure created its own “jungle heat map” to show how the rankings shake out on a global scale. If you’re planning a vacation this summer, you might want to check out the report.

The rankings are based on TripAdvisor’s Worldwide Hotel Rankings, which examines the average reviews for over 3,000 hotel properties in 200-plus destinations. It looks at categories including quality and price and then calculates the percentage of total reviews for each property.

Then it takes the median rating and divides it by the number of reviews, in order to rank the properties from best to worst. Here’s how the hotels stacked up in terms of customer service, according to this year’s report: 6. Centra Maris Hotel, Dubai: 3.4 5. Five-Star Manresa Resort, Los Altos Hills, California: 3.6 4. Fairmont Chicago, Chicago: 3.6 3. The San Luis Resort, Quito, Ecuador: 3.6 2. Serenity At Miraval, Arizona: 3.7 1. Fairmont San Francisco, California: 4.1 Most Popular The survey also breaks down the average price of a hotel room, which is in line with previous years. So what exactly does that $226 average look like across the entire rankings?